New Pilot Beers by Nick Brown

Hi everyone, We have two new pilot beers on tap and a few 22 oz bottles for sale at Altitude. On tap, we have: – “Vladimir Porter” is a Baltic Porter and at 7.2% ABV, could probably hold up to shipping across the North Sea (if needed).  It’s really chocolaty and roast-y. – “Looking Glass” is an American Strong Ale. … Read More

Releasing a new beer today

Greetings. (is it strange that it’s 8 am and i’m thinking about beer?)  such is the life of a school teacher/brewer i suppose. I write bearing good news:  we’re releasing a new beer today. “Lynx the IPA” (6.5% abv) goes on tap today, signaling the beginning of IPA-always-on-tap. Each IPA in this series will be named after a cat, beginning … Read More

Happy Hour!

Happy friday! I’m about to make your great day even greater. Two new beers go on tap today at happy hour (one big batch, one pilot), as beer and alcohol is something that relax. But I understand that not everyone is a fan of alcohol. For those looking for alternative relaxation methods, we also recommend trying products like Exhale’s Exotic … Read More

Pilot Brew Belgian Tripel

Hi crew, Got a really nice pilot beer going on tap tomorrow during happy hour. “Lellebel” is a simple beer in terms of recipe, but pretty complex in terms of flavor.  “Lellebel” is a belgian tripel made with one malt and one hop.  This beer has a nice light biscuit-like flavor from pilsner malt and is loaded with tropical fruit … Read More

A True Session Beer

Greetings. Hoppy beer is best consumed fresh.  to this end, i am releasing a new beer today. “My Second Rodeo” is a true session beer (3.2% ABV) hopped with an absurd amount of gifts from the southern hemisphere (new zealand).  despite the low alcohol content (intentional), it’s an incredibly full-flavored beer that you can have several of and still function … Read More

2 New Pilot Beers Today

Hi all, Two new pilots go on tap tomorrow (friday), during happy hour: 1) DJ Jazzy Hefe – weizenbock with cocoa nibs and assorted spices (5.5%)  (brewed by nathan)2) Fresh Prince of Altitude – belgian style abbey ale (8.4%) (brewed by jared) Come try,jared“pilot”

Pilot Beer Questions…. Answered.

Beer fans: I’ve been getting a lot of questions about some recent beers to come out of the pilot system, particularly “The Pumpkin Pilot” and “I want you in the morning”.  Most of those questions revolve around the use of specialty ingredients, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about my process when going beyond malt, hops, water and … Read More

“I Want You In The Morning” Release Day!

“I Want You in the Morning” – Strong breakfast beer with espresso, brown sugar, oats and vanilla.  8.0% ABV. Released today… try it out at happy hour from 4-6pm. You will NOT be disappointed!

Two New Pilot Beers Friday

Hi beer fans, Two new awesome pilot beers will go on tap this friday (happy hour): 1) “The Pumpkin Pilot” – belgian pumpkin beer with Laramie-grown pumpkins (UW ACRES farm) and pumpkin pie spices.  7.9% ABV. 2) “I Want You in the Morning” – Strong breakfast beer with espresso, brown sugar, oats and vanilla.  8.0% ABV. See you at altitude,jared“pilot”

New Vanilla Porter Tapped Today and 2 More On The Way!

Hi all, A couple of updates: 1) vanilla porter will be tapped today around 5 pm. 2) my to-be-named pumpkin beer will go on tap next friday 3) “i want you in the morning” will also go on tap late next week 4) in the coming weeks we will have a new batch of bottles ready for sale.  we’re still … Read More