Happy Hour!

Happy friday!

I’m about to make your great day even greater. Two new beers go on tap today at happy hour (one big batch, one pilot).

Big System:

“Humboldt County”.  west coast red ale (hoppy), 6.4% abv.  i made this beer to pay tribute to my californian upbringing.  a nice malty body backs up the healthy dose of american hops that went into the kettle late.  hop flavors range from resin-like and woodsy to life savers candy and citrus.  if ‘winter IPA’ were a style, this would fit nicely.


“Brothers from Another Mother” – belgian blond beer showcasing the awesome american hop that is amarillo.  6.9% ABV. 

in other news…

We’ll have an American IPA going on tap in the next week or so; i plan on having one on tap permanently from here forward. more details shortly…

Thanks; see you at altitude.

Jared Long
Head Brewer
Altitude Chophouse and Brewery