New Pilot Beers by Nick Brown

beer from altitude chophouseHi everyone,

We have two new pilot beers on tap and a few 22 oz bottles for sale at Altitude.

On tap, we have:

– “Vladimir Porter” is a Baltic Porter and at 7.2% ABV, could probably hold up to shipping across the North Sea (if needed).  It’s really chocolaty and roast-y.

– “Looking Glass” is an American Strong Ale.  It has a very rich, malty sweetness that is balanced by firm bitterness and hop flavor/aroma.  It’s 8.8% ABV so drink it responsibly.

Last weekend we bottled our entries for the World Beer Cup and we have an extra case of “I Want You In the Morning”, our espresso and vanilla porter for sale.  This beer is 7.2% ABV and sold in 22 oz bottles.  This is our third time brewing this beer and I think it’s getting better each edition.  

Have a great week!