Jared On The Radio!

Listen to Jared on the radio. He got invited to be a guest on a radio show out of oregon run by Ginger Johnson who runs the organization “women enjoying beer”. Check it out here: Jared On The Radio

Pilot Beer Questions…. Answered.

Beer fans: I’ve been getting a lot of questions about some recent beers to come out of the pilot system, particularly “The Pumpkin Pilot” and “I want you in the morning”.  Most of those questions revolve around the use of specialty ingredients, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about my process when going beyond malt, hops, water and … Read More

New pilot beer will be tapped this coming thursday

Greetings. A new pilot beer will be tapped this coming thursday at happy hour. “Meeting of the minds volume 2: oberon” is a belgian blond session ale (5.0% abv) dry hopped with citra and amarillo hops.  i worked with jordan wambeke on this beer – a member of the laramie homebrew club – who won our in-house competition for session … Read More

‘kater 8’ is a belgian golden strong ale

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that the next beer in the ‘kater’ series (kater 8) will go on tap this coming thursday at happy hour. ‘kater 6’ went incredibly fast and i anticipate the same will go for ‘kater 8’. ‘kater 8’ is a belgian golden strong ale dry hopped with saaz hops. 8.6% abv. … Read More

“ALT Belgium” Pilot Brew Release

Hi all,   Just wanted to let you know about a new beer that will go on tap tomorrow (friday) at happy hour…   “ALT Belgium” is a belgian amber ale (5.8% ABV).  this beer is a really nice balance of malt, hop and yeast flavors.  i think you’ll really enjoy it; this particular beer is unlike any other belgian … Read More

European Brewing Inspiration

greetings altitude friends and fans, I recently returned from a month of travel in Europe where brewing inspiration was in no short supply. There are far too many specific beers/destinations to mention, but I think I’ve had enough distance from the trip at this point to make sense of things and identify the most formative brewing lessons/revelations that I’ll be bringing back: … Read More

First Bottled Beer – “mary magdalene” is a belgian golden ale (8% ABV)

today is a special day for us at altitude, as we will be releasing our first bottled beer, “mary magdalene”. “mary magdalene” is a belgian golden ale (8% ABV) with lovely american hop flavors (cascade and amarillo).  secondary fermentation in the bottle, 750 mL cork and cage.  we only have 36 bottles, and they will likely go fast.  $13 per … Read More

Pilot Brewing System Officially Launched

After nearly a year of scheming, remodeling and patience, the Pilot System has officially launched at Altitude.  A big thanks to everyone who showed up for the official release party – if the amount of beer consumed is any indication, a good time was had by many. Several exciting pilot-related developments that I wanted to let everyone in on: 1)    … Read More

Altitudes Pilot Brewery – Assistant Brewer, Jared Long

Brewing – first and foremost – is a science.  It is a craft honed through empirical observations and repeated procedure.  Brewing is not just about coming up with ideas, but being able to translate those ideas into a set of ingredients and procedures that will lead to the initial idea being realized.   Over the past several weeks, I have … Read More

Beer Training Class!

Nathan, our Brewmaster, is offering a Beer Training class to test and strengthen your “Beer IQ!” He will share some of his knowledge of principles of food & beer pairing and there will be beer drinking as he takes you through vertical and horizontal beer comparisons utilizing popular craft beer brand samples with our beer samples. This class will take … Read More