Tumblewheat Takes Silver at Great American Beer Festival

Altitude’s commitment to quality was once again recognized at the largest commercial beer competition in the world, The Great American Beer Festival. Tumblewheat once again won a silver medal in the American Wheat With Yeast category, meaning Altitude was among only 3% of the breweries participating who could say we won back to back (2011-2012) with the same brand. Another … Read More

ACRES Pumpkin Ale – Brewing Collaboration

This week Altitude is teamed up with ACRES for the much anticipated production of ACRES Pumpkin Ale. ACRES stands for Agricultural Community Resoucres for Everyday Sustainability often just called the UW student farm. Mike Curran and I had a few conversations over a pint and decided to collaborate and brew a locally grown pumpkin ale. So far we have harvested … Read More

Brewing Collaborations

This summer Altitude participated in three brewing collaborations. Brewers gathering together to brew is nothing new, but this new wave of collaboration beers is changing the American craft beer scene in very good ways. In the same way that a hospitality industry HR consultancy service is needed for business and employee health, ideological diversity is needed for mental health, as … Read More

Distinguishing Ourselves From the Most Base Elements of the Alcohol Industry.

Three beer festivals in three weeks with another around the corner. One question that always comes up at festivals is, “Which of your beers has the most alcohol in it?” It is important to address this question for two reasons. One, nothing is intrinsically better about a beer because it is higher in alcohol than another. In fact, someone could lie about the ABV of … Read More