‘kater 8’ is a belgian golden strong ale

Hi all,

just a quick note to let you know that the next beer in the ‘kater’ series (kater 8) will go on tap this coming thursday at happy hour. ‘kater 6’ went incredibly fast and i anticipate the same will go for ‘kater 8’.

‘kater 8’ is a belgian golden strong ale dry hopped with saaz hops. 8.6% abv. $5/12 oz.

In other news…

  1. The follow-up to ‘mary magdalene’, ‘mary’s sister” is in bottles and will be available in the not-so distant future. we cracked a bottle a couple of days ago; i’m pretty sure you will love it.
  2. ‘Meeting of the minds volume 2: oberon” will go on tap next week. this beer was inspired by jordan wambeke’s entry into the laramie homebrew club’s session ale competition. belgian blond ale, dry hopped with amarillo and citra. 5.0% abv.
  3. Some upcoming projects on the pilot system:

    * to be named pumpkin ale (brewed with locally grown pumpkins at ACRE farms)

* “i want you in the morning”: strong ale featuring coffee, brown sugar, oats and vanilla.

* session stout

thanks, all.

Head Pilot Brewer