ACRES Pumpkin Ale – Brewing Collaboration

This week Altitude is teamed up with ACRES for the much anticipated production of ACRES Pumpkin Ale. ACRES stands for Agricultural Community Resoucres for Everyday Sustainability often just called the UW student farm. Mike Curran and I had a few conversations over a pint and decided to collaborate and brew a locally grown pumpkin ale. So far we have harvested over 150 lbs of pumpkins and if the weather holds out, we will have enough for two batches this fall.


Two closely related concepts should be highlighted from this project. Sharing a beer is an important social activity because when members of a community gather together around a few pints of beer they tend to share resources and knowledge with one another. People from all walks of life meet at local pubs, people with different education, work experience and skill sets. The local pub itself is a great resource where people can draw upon the strengths of others and possibly form collaborations within the community, for the good of the community.