Wyoming Beer Fest Season!

This blog is appropriately being launched at the beginning of the Wyoming beer fest season. This time of year provides ample opportunities for locals and tourists alike to travel to towns across and sample brews from this state and surrounding regions. In the next two weeks, Altitude will be pouring Tumblewheat and Chili Ale in Jackson, WY on Memorial Day weekend. We’ll be in Idaho Falls the following weekend to participate in the North American Beer Awards. Occasionally a specialty beer will slip into the rotation at these fests, but which one is hard to predict too far ahead.

A couple of words about these fests in Wyoming. First, check the weather. I have participated in very cold and wet fests in June and August and scorching hot fests in May and September. Sandals during a cold, wet outdoor fest is not fun, especially if your friends are all prepared. And most importantly, don’t get bullied out of your people’s choice ballots. I have watched brewers badger people out of their right to vote for who they believe makes the best beer. Vote for who you want and be very weary of a booth that is pressuring people into voting. Basically, be wise.