The Food and Beer Friendship

cheeseI am preparing for a presentation about beer and cheese pairings at the Big Beers Belgian and Barley Wines in Vail. This has been hard work involving drinking several brands from Altitude and from other breweries alongside several cheeses crafted by artisan cheese mongers. I want to share two of my pairing principals. First, the purpose is to enhance your culinary experience. Pairing itself, successful or otherwise, is a culinary experience; but what I mean is that the food should make the beer more enjoyable and the beer should make the food more enjoyable. If you enjoy the pairing, you have been successful. Second, pairing should enhance your understanding of the nature of each item. What is it about some styles of beer that go well with, say, salmon that other styles do not posses. What is it about salmon that calls for one style over another? You should walk into a pairing attempt with a theory based upon the nature of each item and walk away with a conclusion. Most of all, Pairing is about being conscientious about what you eat and drink.