Pilot Brews

Hi everyone,

We have two relatively new pilot beers on tap today at Altitude.
The first is a West Coast Red Ale (6.5% ABV); dry hopping during secondary fermentation gives this beer a sweet aroma and the flavor is akin to cotton candy (but maybe that’s just may palate).  
The second is “Sorachi Ace”; a traditional Belgian-style saison brewed with a hop variety from Japan.  These Japanese hops finish a bit lemony, which makes for a really refreshing saison.
Also, there a few bottles left of our Winter Saison and I Want You In The Morning (a coffee brown) available for sale.  These were the beers we brought to the Big Beers, Belgians, & Barleywines festival in Vail earlier this month.
Hope to see you around the brewpub soon,
Altitude Pilot Brewer