Welcome to the Bottle of the Month! Below you can find in-depth descriptions of each new release.

A Punchup at a Wedding” is a barrel aged imperial stout

October 2015
“A Punchup at a Wedding”
by Radiohead
Imperial Stout (11%)

We made this beer early in the year before moving it into our small batch rye whiskey barrel where it spent 3 months soaking in whiskey barrel character.  expect an intense, immensely rich and complex beer designed to be shared with a friend (or two) that will likely encourage fruitful conversation(s).

also, if you haven’t listened to the namesake track, i highly recommend you do so: it’s one of my favorite songs by Radiohead. YouTube Video of song




September 2015:
“Let it Happen”
by Tame Impala
Farmhouse Double IPA (8.5%)

We used a unique farmhouse (saison) yeast blend to ferment this beer and employed double IPA level hopping/dry hopping to create an 8.5% light bodied beer that is a fascinating combination of yeast-derived and pungent pacific northwest hop flavors.  bottle conditioned, cork and caged, ready to drink now.

Also highly recommend checking out this tune while enjoying your beverage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ed6UeDp1ek




August 2015:
“Can’t Tell me Nothing”
by Kanye West
german dunkelweiss (5.01%)

We had a lot of fun making this one (a first at altitude), which features a complex interplay between yeast and malt.  our tasting panel (i.e., jared and jordan) came up with notes of milk chocolate, berry and banana.  it’s really delicious.



Halo graphic by BeyonceJuly 2015:
“Halo” by Beyonce
california common (5.8% ABV)

This month’s bottle is a california common, which is a type of ale-lager hybrid style made famous by the anchor steam brewery in san francisco, CA.  Nice and malty with a newer variety of hop called calypso.








April, 2015:
“I Wanna Dance With Somebody”
Imperial Porter (8.1% ABV)

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody” is an imperial porter with espresso (8.1% ABV). we intentionally went pretty light on the dark, roasty malts and hops due to the perceived bitterness contributed by the coffee. we’ve also carbonated this beer with a lower volume of CO2 to enhance the coffee character. drink as soon as possible for maximum espresso flavor. ENJOY!







March, 2015:
“I am trying to break your heart”  Tropical Saison (6.85% ABV)

March brings you “i am trying to break your heart”, a saison with tropical (southern hemisphere) hops. meant to be consumed sooner rather than later, although a little bit of storage time certainly wouldn’t damage the beer.

As always, let us know what you think.




They_Want_My_Soul_PRINTFebruary, 2015:
“They Want My Soul”  Belgian Tripel with Biscotti (8.5% ABV)
February’s offering bring us our first use of a non-traditional ingredient in a beer: lemon anise biscotti.  In traditional Belgian brewing, brewers typically supplement the malt bill of their beers with a simple sugar source in order to boost alcohol content without adding to the body of the her and ending up with something cloyingly sweet.  The simple sugar source for February’s beer is derived from the biscotti.  The end result is a Belgian Tripel (light in body and hops, high in alcohol) featuring subtle notes of lemon and anise and grainy texture from the biscotti.  It’s a truly unique, incredibly delicious experience in a bottle.

Inspired by: Spoon, “They Want My Soul”



BOM1Opening Beer, January 2015:
Christmas Day.  Downtown Laramie.  Just me, loud music, and a sleigh full of hops.  What better time to fire up a bold imperial IPA?  The bottle-of-the-month club opens with a very dry, searingly hoppy Imperial Pale Ale.  Malts used included German Pilsner and Maris Otter from the U.K., and hops from all corners of the globe: Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin, Citra, CTZ and El Dorado.  What I appreciate most about this beer is its immense drinkability despite the aggressive hop character of the beer.  Get a good whiff of this beer, swirl, and whiff again — the hops contribute some pretty enticing aromatics.

Inspired by Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.  8.1% ABV