Our brewers are passionate about creating great beer. The dozens of local, regional and national awards we have received are proof of our commitment to brewing clean, consistent and creative beer.

Head Brewer Pat poses with beer awards

Pat, our new head brewer, poses with awards

We are especially proud of our 2014 wins, during Jared’s inaugural year as the head brewer at Altitude! ALTitude Altbier won gold medals at both the World Beer Cup and North American Beer Awards. Pedal House Pilsner also captured a gold medal at the North American Beer Awards.

In 2015, we captured a gold medal at the NABA for a specialty brew, Looking Glass Old English Ale. Lovesick IPA won both a first place award in the hops category, as well as the coveted Best in Show award at the Downtown Laramie Brewfest competition. We won the coveted Steinley Cup competition in Saratoga. Finally, I’m Burning For You Chili Ale won a people’s choice award at the Cody, Wyoming Brew Fest.

“Beer should make people happy and bring communities together” – Jared Long, Altitude Head Brewer

Pedal House Pilsner

Seasonal specialty.
A classic interpretation of a Northern German pilsner. Clean lager character and crisp hop notes of lemon and lime dominate this beer. Brewed with 100%  German ingredients. 5.4% ABV.

The Keg Whisperer

Seasonal specialty.
A German Schwarzbier with a nice, roasty profile. Even though this is a dark beer, it is easy drinking for the summer months. 5.0% ABV.

• Bronze, 2017, NABA

It’s Winter Somewhere Bourbon Barrel Aged Baltic Porter

Seasonal specialty.
Almost a year in the making, this rich and dark brew is a classic, high ABV lager. We aged it in fresh Wyoming Whiskey bourbon barrels for six months before it’s release – enjoy! 10% ABV.

• Silver, 2017, NABA

Send Off Sour

Seasonal specialty.
A kettle soured beer fermented with Brett wild yeast and flavored with pineapple additions. Great for hot summer months, this refreshing ale has a nice, tart finish. 5.0% ABV.

7200′ Stout

Our 7200′ Stout is poured with compressed nitrogen to insure smoothness. Its flavors blend with the hop bitterness making it a brewery favorite, always on tap at Altitude. 7.00% ABV.

• Silver, 2017, NABA


Tumblewheat is well carbonated and served cloudy, the wheat lends a light grain flavor and moderate hops make it a refreshing, easy to drink beer that is always on tap at Altitude. 4.8% ABV

• Gold, 2016, GABF
• Bronze, 2012, NABA
• Silver, 2011, GABF
• 1st Place, 2010, Lander
• Silver, 2010, NABA
• Best Light Beer, 2010, Cheyenne

Cat’s Meow IPA

Seasonal specialty.
This west coast IPA has a strong new world hop aroma and a crisp finish . 6.8% ABV.

Storming the Gates Belgian Dubbel

Seasonal specialty.
Traditional Belgian styled ale using a specific yeast strain from a Belgian monastery. Fruity notes of plum, a rich caramel malt backbone and a dry finish personify this brew. 6.0% ABV.

Big Hollow Saison

Seasonal specialty.
A portion of sales will be donated to the Laramie Mural Project and the Downtown Laramie Farmer’s Market Snap program.   Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Big Hollow Co-Op, this refreshing saison features Peruvian ginger and Jasmine tea.

Heat and Repeat

Seasonal specialty.
An American amber ale with green chilies, this beer is a new take on an Altitude favorite. It currently  replaces “I’m Burning for You” on our line-up of beers. This ale is full of green chili aroma, giving way to nice, sweet malt flavors. It finishes clean with a light American hop bitterness and a sweet ‘n spicy, kick. 5.3% ABV.

• Silver, 2017, NABA

High Plains Pale Ale

Our Pale Ale is noticeably bitter with strong floral and citrus hop flavor and aroma. This beer is for hop lovers. 5.50% ABV.

ALTitude Altbier

Our take on the classic Dusseldorf Alt Beer, brewed in the Alstadt (old town) section of Dusseldort, Germany. A rich malty back bone is complimented with a firm bitterness and a slightly spicy / floral hop flavor. 5.5% ABV.

• Silver, 2017, NABA
• Gold, 2014, World Beer Cup
• Gold, 2014, NABA